The company KYVOS Incorporation is a creative space with the main object of printing that operates throughout Europe, based in the city of Larissa, central Greeece and aims to contribute dynamically to the communication design of businesses, organizations and brands.


We have created an active team of associates and one of the most modern laboratories in the country consisting of professionals with modern and original methods and ideas while at the same time we are constantly evolving our equipment and techniques.


- KYVOS Inc. mainly utilizes the technique of silk screen printing, one of the oldest methods of imprinting, which in combination with the modern technological equipment of our laboratory, enables us to print with quality and durability on different materials (fabric, paper, wood, wall, glass, metal, plastic).

We create and design proposals for each business through the creation of original promotional products (Daily clothing, T-shirt, work clothes, skateboards, etc.) in order to communicate and advertise the business, to cover needs such as clothing, protection and the promotion of its particular identity. The use of ecological paints of great durability is one of the reasons why the most demanding professionals choose us.


We address all technical professions, catering and tourism companies, cultural venues, artistic or sports groups, clubs, or clothing designers.

At the same time we have created and develope our own collection of designs that you can find on the platform montay.gr. in order to develop a network with new designers and to communicate with a young audience that loves to dress with unique ideas.

Together we create
your own
UNIQUE story!


Our team consists of people with experience in applied arts and screen printing who, in collaboration with our sales department, work together to realize every project.

Theodoros Anapliotis
commercial - marketing Director

Konstantina Pastaka
Graphic Designer - Screen printer

Antonis Iordanidis
creative director

Michalis Gkatzogias
Graphic Designer - Screen printer

Kostas Bakalexis
Graphic Designer - Screen printer

Vaso Barka
intership - graphic designer

Vaso Stathi
graphic DESIGNER

We provide the solution you need!